Music for children and the child at heart

The Wild Wood

Say goodnight with your friends from The Wild Wood. This first collection of Paper Tooth melodies introduces the listener to the woodsy world of the Wild Wood and its good natured inhabitants. Grab a cozy blanket and listen as Wellington becomes the first Dandelion to sing, Brother Owl takes a moonlit flight and Finnigan Maroo stops by to say hello.

Made With Care

Paper Tooth values freedom in creativity, so we wrote, produced and recorded each song on The Wild Wood. Having this freedom made it fun for us to bring you these songs and we hope you enjoy our unique approach to making music for kids. If you would like to support us, you can buy our first EP, The Wild Wood, directly from us on Bandcamp.

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About Paper Tooth

Paper Tooth is a group formed by Sarah Salamander, a pediatric nurse, Seth Salamander, a bearded pirate, and Erin Extraordinaire, a licensed clinical social worker.

Mind and Song

Paper Tooth’s story-songs provide a soothing and calming environment for children to play, think, and create. In between story songs, together we practice mindfulness exercises such as listening to your breath and creating a safe place.

Let's Get Creative!

Small group or one on one songwriting sessions led by Sarah Salamander allow children to explore the world of songwriting. Let your child’s creativity eagle soar as they create their very own song.

Adventure Time

Paper Tooth combines their story songs with interactive activities including group songwriting, music education and the silliest of dance moves. Find the beat on pots and pans as we all sing and learn and groove together. Who knows what marvelous adventures are around the bend when Paper Tooth is in town!